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gradar – the job evaluation engine is a web-based, analytical job evaluation system that covers three career paths: individual contributor, people and project management.  With gradar, you can grade all positions from the unskilled worker to the division head in any type and size of organization worldwide, since gradar comes in 9 different languages as well.

gradar allows for an inexpensive, transparent and comprehensible job grading. Its modern application guides you intuitively and self-explanatory through your grading process, making job grading easy and fast. 

The job evaluation is realized by a state-of-the art system of factors with different level specifications. With gradar, you will have a consistent, realistic and non-discriminatory job evaluation.

Manasset Staffing Solutions

ManAsset Staffing Solutions® is a consultancy company which combines its experience in each step of human resources with the technology and presents them under one roof from A to Z. Since 2005, it has provided service on the global companies’ level with its international partners and it has simultaneously applied human resources solutions and technologies up to today. NEW GENERATION human resources solutions are provided with the 100% customer satisfaction principle to a lot of national and international organizations


As a PR Partner with an in-house strategy in mind Suer PR offers: Media Communication, Marketing Communication, Event Marketing, Corporate Communication, Crisis Management, Corporate Social Responsibility=Reputation Management, Digital PR & Social Media Consultancy & Content Management, sponsorship & Advertisement Consultancy.

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